As we’re starting our blogging journey, we’ve been talking about how important it is to proofread and edit posts carefully before uploading them to our blogs (rather than being impetuous).  In the two examples below, see what you notice…

dear students,happy Valentine’s Day!we love  having all of you in the MaC class its  so  much fun to teach this classour favorite part is   whenpeople make interesting connections in there learninghope you have a wonderful valentine’s day filled with love hugs and kind words

from mrs douillard and ms boyesen


Dear students,

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love having all of you in the MAC class; it’s so much fun to teach this class! Our favorite part is when people make interesting connections in their learning.


Hope you have  a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love, hugs, and kind words!


Mrs. Douillard and Ms. Boyesen

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