Blogging: Social vs Academic Commenting

There is a difference between social and academic comments when responding to blog posts. One is more helpful than the other. Academic comments are more appropriate for blogs. Read on to learn more…

Social comments might look like this:
“Hi!”, “That was awesome!”, “Rad!” or “Hey, that was really cool!”

Social comments are fun, but they’re not very helpful. They’re fine when you’re hanging out with your friends, but when you’re commenting on a blog post you should be more specific.

For example, academic comments might look like this:
“I like how you describe the animals in your story because you used some interesting verbs and adjectives.”
“That was interesting because…”
“The way you included sophisticated vocabulary makes your writing interesting to read.”

An academic comment should include your opinion, a reason, and an explanation and /or a quote from the post.

We hope you learned something about blog commenting… See if you can try it for your self! We hope you can use more academic comments. Good luck!

(This post was written by the MAC class “Book Clubs” and it was inspired by Mrs. Ilko’s slide show, Jarrod’s Awesome Blog, and Ashlyn’s World

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