It was a hot and sunny day in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, yet MAC students still ran their little hearts out! Thank you to the parents who supported this event, either by sponsoring their child and/or helping out at the event. It was most definitely a huge (albeit sweaty) and fun success!

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How Are You Helping in the Drought?

Friday February 6 was a sunny, balmy sea-side morning, like so many others in our community.  The blacktop at our elementary school campus was abuzz with excitement––kids dressed in karate uniforms, dance leotards, sports jerseys, and more, each settled down to join in the spirit day assembly. But for 15 kids from our MAC class, the excitement was more than “sports and hobby day;” it was opportunity to give a public service announcement (PSA) to the Cardiff community about saving water.

It started a couple weeks back with reading Water Wonders by Peter Reynolds (in collaboration with Fable Vision, the National Writing Project, and Reading is Fundamental) about two sibling mice, Sydney and Symon, whose curiosity as citizen scientists lead them to investigate the water cycle. The “Book Club” readers started talking about the drought we’re experiencing here in Southern California and what we can all do collectively to help. After brainstorming individually, with a partner, and as a whole group, we compiled a list of ideas to share with others.

We also discussed what a PSA is. A public service announcement, by nature, is created to serve the public with some sort of idea, information, or reminder. Each student set out to write a clear, concise script to communicate one of our collective ideas about saving water. The video above is of the PSA, and if you keep scrolling down, you’ll see close-ups of the posters students designed to visually help strengthen their point. At the end of the PSA, Stella and Evie reminded the audience (comprised of students, parents, grandparents, and community members) that it’s up to each person to make a commitment toward being a water-saving super-hero 🙂

We’re thrilled that Aaron Burgin, from The Coast News came to interview our Book Club. Check out his write-up here:

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And by-the-way, we’d love to hear what you think, so please leave your comments/reactions below. Thank you!

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