Ghana Revisited

Returning to Ghana, West Africa this summer was an amazing experience and a dream come true! Many of the MAC students who were with us last year helped raise money to send school supplies (pencil pouches, pencils, and erasers) to Mafi Tsati Village earlier in the year. Then, right before the end of the year, some students brought in soccer balls, Frisbees, and Chinese jump ropes for me to bring to the kids in the village. The toys were a huge hit, especially the soccer balls, which were a hit at school and after!

It was great to see kids using their supplies during the lessons I taught at the village school this summer. If you scroll down through the photos below, you’ll see evidence of school supplies, soccer balls, and Frisbees (if you’re diligent, you may even spot a MAC t-shirt or two).  If you want to find out more about the trip, visit my travel blog:

I hope our MAC students, those returning, those who’ve moved on to Ada Harris, and those who are new to our class this year, have all had a wonderful summer! Mine was certainly wonderful, and now I’m very excited to be going back to school!

Hugs, Ms. Boyesen

IMG_7216 Nukunu, the chief’s son, pumping up one of the soccer balls for the neighborhood kids.

IMG_7256Though this is not the best photo, it does show a “snapshot” of Frisbee and soccer playing co-existing in the neighborhood (and, yes, that’s me in the pink dress!)


Nukunu is ready to play!

IMG_7280Grace and Achupe reading one of the books I brought–notice the Frisbee in Grace’s lap.

IMG_7447“Check out our pencil pouches…”

IMG_7450 IMG_7454 IMG_7690 The kids loved the Frisbees and they kept asking me if they could have one of their own. The concept of a community basket of toys turned out to be a tricky one…

IMG_7694The village boys could play soccer morning, day and night if their parents let them. Can you relate?

The kids love posing for photos and showing off their new toys. IMG_7896 IMG_8055 IMG_8061 IMG_8380 IMG_8440 MACshirtsThe MAC shirts were a hot commodity as well. This is Grace and David (brother and sister) whose mom, Augustina, was my amazing cook both times I visited the village (lots of photos of her on my travel blog).

Thanks for checking out the pictures! If a teacher from Africa were to visit Cardiff, what would you hope he or she would bring to share?