A Special Treat from La Jolla Playhouse

Lonely Boy’s Guide to Survival (And Werewolves)

What a treat! Today the MAC class, along with other 2nd and 3rd grade classes, attended a performance by La Jolla Playhouse called “A Lonely Boy’s Guide to Survival (and Werewolves).” The team of four actors, stage manager, and set director did a fantastic job of entertaining us, scaring us, and even making some of us tear up. It’s not often a play for children handles the topic of death so gingerly with equal humor and heart. The MAC class was even lucky enough to meet one of the actors–after the performance he visited our class and answered many of our questions.

Here’s what the La Jolla Playhouse says about this “pop” performance:

Written by Ernie Nolan
Directed by Michael J. Bobbitt

It’s 1956, and even though he has just become a Badger Scout, young Skipper’s life is a big mess. His next door neighbor yells all the time, his friend Sally Ann has become obsessed with detective stories and his dog, Lucky, has gone missing. To top it all off, his mother is forcing Skipper to befriend the new kid, Jonathan, an awkward boy with outlandish tales of his monster-hunting father. With his scout guidebook in hand, Skipper sets off with Jonathan and Sally Ann to solve the mystery of Lucky’s disappearance. Is it possible there is a werewolf on the loose or are Jonathan’s monster-filled tales too incredible to be believed? Exploring the topics of friendship, self-reliance, loss and grief, Skipper begins to wonder if the answers to life’s uncertainties may be found in his guidebook or if anything — or anyone — is truly what they seem.

Bravo! Thank you for such a stellar performance!

The Chemistry of Photosynthesis


MAC Kids are so curious about the world!  As we learned more about photosynthesis and the ways that plants and trees make food for themselves, students started to ask questions about how photosynthesis actually works.  We were lucky on Friday, March 8, 2013, to have Thomas Hermann, Max’s dad—a chemist and professor at UCSD—visit our class to teach us about the chemistry of photosynthesis.  We learned about atoms and molecules and the way that chemical equations add up.  He even brought some models of oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide molecules made from Legos!

Here is Thomas’s powerpoint that he used to explain the chemistry of photosynthesis to us (click on link):

The Chemistry of Photosynthesis

Here are some student reflections explaining what they learned about the chemistry of photosynthesis from Thomas:

Elke’s reflection on the chemistry of photosynthesis

Cody’s chemistry of photosynthesis reflection

Riley’s chemistry of photosynthesis reflection

Kathe’s “Science Article” reflection[/caption]

Page 2 of Kathe’s science article



Geometry at School


After a unit on geometry, our class went outside on our campus to take photos of geometric shapes with our iPads. We photographed both two- dimensional and three-dimentional shapes. For example, the photo of a cone above shows both a circle and a square, and the photo of basketballs below shows spheres in a bin. Check out individual student blogs to see more artistic photos of shapes!